Two more days left. What's happening at Junior Challenge daily tennis camp?

Hello, everyone! This is Tsukada. I wanted to report our Junior Challenge daily camp much sooner but my camera was out of battery…So this report is coming after third day has completed. These kids are full of energy!!


We do plenty of preparation. After stretch, we do exercise using the ladder. This help to improve your foot work. She is doing great, isn't she?

See, 1,2,1,2 need to stretch!!

Now, actual lesson begins. Starts from rally then go on to Volley, overhead and serve.

He is beat from the heat and hard work. Good job!!

This is Prium. This is his first time participating the Junior Challenge daily camp. He learned that he needs to drink plenty water (of course BRING)to keep him going. (He did drink mine too….)

After lunch we do little study time. Time to relax and concentrate before the afternoon practice. The kids write down their own objective from going over their morning practice.

The objective differs by their age and experience. It does not matter what it is, it only matters that you want to do better and know what it is to make it better. That will help you to have a clear vision for afternoon practice.

Doing the image trainning by watching the pros.

The buddies going against each other.

Look at his serious look. He wants to win!!

This is how he normanly looks.

Guess where we are going for lunch tomorrow? (Field trip!!) The Ramen King!! (I am so excited) I know what I want, do you?

After Ramen, we are going to have some shaved ice too!!

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