Djokovic 'the father' along with a few well known players.

Heard the news that the big man is going to be a future father. Mr. Novak Djokovic and fiancé Jelena Ristic will be expecting their 1st child.  Following the news that Roger Federer is expecting his 3rd child on the way and now hearing news about Djokovic's child sounds like baby fever in the air!


Bangkok Tennis Dot Net

If your looking for information in English about finding hitting partners, tennis courts, tournaments, and or events, check out BangkokTennis.net. Additional community information such as wheel chair tennis, beach tennis, soft tennis, and special Olympics are available. Find them on Facebook.


Congratulations Uno! (3rd place Krasae Tennis Tournament U8)

Over the weekend our Thai and Japanese students played in the Krasae Tennis Tournament together and shared some good times together. From the left Auto, Uno, Kosei, & Taisei.   We would like to congratulate Uno for placing 3rd in this tournament. Check out his awesome smile on the next page!


All Day Junior Camp May 5th (Mon) & May 9th (Sun) Great way to Improve your game!!

May is just around the corner. We've got 2 camp dates during the Thai holiday for juniors looking wanting to head out onto the tennis court. We will also provide round trip shuttle bus service. Spaces are limited so don't wait. Maximum participation is 10 people. We'll be waiting!

Where is the entrance to APF ACADEMIES?

Hi everyone, this one is from me, Tsukada. How did you enjoy your holidays? Recently I was asked "where is the entrance to APF?" Ok, that is not good. We don't want to give anyone any confusion so we came up with a big logo sign. Just follow the sign and....

Introducing a new fabulous gadget

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Hi, everyone how did you enjoy your Songkran Holiday? I went to the beach and I am a red lobster right now. I would like to share some gadget that helped me a great deal thru my vacation on the beach. Really this made my life so much easier. This is Kaneko.


Where to find tournaments in Thailand? Thai Tennis Magazine!

Finding information about tennis courts, tennis schools, tournaments, and up-to-date information can be quite challenging in Thailand. One resource that is available is the Thai Tennis Magazine which has been publishing information since 1976!! (feat. front center our player Koki PTT Champion U14)


Have you played BEACH TENNIS???

Though I haven't personally had the privilege to experience Beach tennis it looks so so fun! A rapidly growing sport around the world, the official tour ITF Beach Tennis Tour (BTT) began in 2008. More and more countries are participating in this fun attractive sport for great health, fitness, and fun!!