SKINS Compression Wear

Good day everyone. Let's get Wednesday started!! I'd like to share some insights on the product I currently use for training and recovery called Skins Compression Clothing. The product is originally from Switzerland. A great item to keep oxygen flowing to your muscles and keeping dry as well.


S class (beginner) Wrapping it UP!

It is the 4th week for the term which means for the S class beginners we review our shots and include the serve. I'd like to share some of the few tips we used in todays video which outlines a few important points about mechanics, preparation, position, and footwork in our tennis shots. 

This is what we do in S class.

How are you enjoying your spring everyone, it's Matsushita. For some of you are still thinking about joining us but not sure if you are opt about our starting class…I am going to go over briefly what we do in the S class today.

Do you remember??

Hello, it's Tsukada. It is getting really hot in here. Does this picture ring a bell? This beautiful tennis court's picture was taken in last April. What is different?? Do you see how shiny the court is? Yes, remember our roof was taken away by the storm last year. That is why this tennis court is sun bathing…Don't worry, we got our roof back now.


I recommend this book not just for Tennis but Life: Relaxed Intensity

Hello everyone I've known about this book ever since my younger brother was attending the International Tennis Academy (Delray Beach) before becoming Club Med. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to improve their mental side of the game as well as outlooks on Life.