Aspire Mixed Doubles Tennis Tournament

Check out the Aspire club members duke it out only this time not during a cross fit WOD or HIIT class, but on the tennis court. Whose going to showcase some mad skills?  Find out by dropping in on the action. Its going to be WILD!!

Open House for Xcite Golf!

For anyone interested in learning golf at all ages there will be a open house this coming Tuesday, March 11th. All individuals and families are welcome to attend. Food and beverages will be provided. Come see the brand new state-of-art facility and meet the professional team. (Thai, English, and Japanese speaking staff will be present.)  "I will be there!" 


My first APF series 250

 Hello..Check, check, mic test 1,2..1,2 What a beautiful day in beautiful smile city of Bangkok. Today's MC is me, Matsushita..What's Uuuuuppppp!!??
On the serious note, 15 young players have entered The series 250 APF tennis tournament.
Some are playing their really first official match. So cool to see everyone doing their best.

What!? Free try out lesson at APF!? Priceless.

Hello, everyone, this is coming from Matsushita. How have you been? I am still working on putting a little bit of weight on..Really, playing tennis keeps you in a good shape. Look at me!
Here is an information on Free Lesson on March 5th.(Wed)

Beginner Class Event March 5th

This Wednesday, March 5th will be a special beginner class event using the softer compression balls. Please click on the image above for actual video to see what adult tennis Xpress is all about. Come join us for a one hour session of fun and easy learning experience!

Danceaholic: March 22nd Dance Camp

Just to let more people know about Danceaholic Dance Studio at APF Academies. This 22nd of March will host "Dance Camp" for those enthusiasts who love to simply dance and make new friends contact Kru Pang.  Their latest video click here.

why don't you order TOTORO or your favorite cartoon for birthday cake! Introducing "Izumi sanno cake"

IMG 9764

I consider myself as eat or die desert guy. I appreciate how sugar makes people(me) happy (sometime too much) and how beautiful the name and design can be.

Like Mille-Feuille (thousand leaves) and Eclair(lightning)(how romantic is that!?) When I was young living in Tokyo, I was an amateur...I was closed minded..I did not like trying anything new..

I was only hooked on one thing..A strawberry short cake from store called Fujiya. But now, I am a grown up and father, my desert world is bigger and better, if there is a patissier, there will be MOI saying MERCI.(excuse my French)

Let's play tennis! Introducing our super Songkran promotion. Do not miss it!


Hello, everyone. It is almost time!! Are you getting ready for Songkran!? APF ACADEMIES is offering a super promotion right now. Introducing the new members who have taken the advantage of our super deal. Why don't you come and join us too!


Super Songkran Promotion!!

"Hello everyone I've got some amazing news! 
Want to learn how to play tennis? Well here is a great way to start! "

Don't miss out on this years super promotion during Songkran. Sign up before March 20th to play for 1,000B a month per person or sign up together for a whopping 750B per month. Duration of the promotion is for two terms only. 

Please give us a call or ask our staff directly for more details.
There is no excuse not to start!!

Bus Schedule Change for 3/17 - 3/28

Dear APF Academies member,

Please be advised, bus service during the period of March 17th ~ March 28th marked in red will be canceled. Furthermore, The areas marked in blue may be delayed. We appreciate your understanding and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.  

Coach George