Adult lessons general program

We provide various unique drills designed by former All Japan champion, Hideki Kaneko, to meet your full potential. However, goal is not limited only to produce tennis champions. Of course, we provide intense tennis sessions, but also we provide you a place to meet new people, make friends and improve your community life in Singapore.



Start Class

Players learn basic fundamentals of playing tennis such as how to hold the grip. The session is 60min and you can take it as long as you are available during a month. One of advantages of this class is that you may take a lesson as much as you want. In other words, we provide this class 4 times a week, and therefore, if you would like to take all of lessons, you may take them 16 times a month. It is a great opportunity to improve your skill rapidly.


Beginner Class

Players who are promoted skills by start class. You continue learning fundamental technique and also try to acquire applied basic skills.


Intermediate Class

Players focus to learn approach to volleys and strategy for a match. You may learn more aggressive tennis.


Advance Class

Players work on the developing the aspects of the game. You are required earning a recommendation by any coaches in order to join the class.


Tournament Class

Players learn comprehensive and skilled technique for their games.

Junior lesson general program

Junior lesson general program We built our program based on four principles; “Greeting”, “Discipline”, “Effort”, and “Commitment. We are interested in producing successful tennis players as well as helping students to develop what they need to be successful in their life. Furthermore, one of our philosophies is called “Farm System” which is defined as growing the talent. We try to spend time to improve skills technically, mentally and physically in order to become a successful. As a result, we strongly focus on repetition for acquiring all skills.


Kids Class (Age 4 to 8)


Developing and coordinating potential abilities as an athlete. Also we focus on to develop a human sensibility.




Junior Class


Junior Flower (Beginner) Developing fundamental technique and footwork. Players learn rule of tennis.

Junior Advance (Intermediate) Focusing on to develop fundamental skills, abilities and rhythms as an athlete by using the drill coordination and the strength and conditioning training.

Pre-Players (Advance) Focusing on applied fundamental skills and also learning strategies for the match.

Pre-pre Players (Bridge class of High Performance) Players prepare to be a part of the team of high performance class. They are required to be a ready physically for 3 hours’ practice.




 High Performance Team


We currently emphasize to produce successful tennis players as well as helping players to develop what they need to be successful in their life.

Our philosophy is to help young people reaching their maximum potential, not only in sports but also in life. Our philosophy is to work with the student's goals for the distant future and work backwards to the present, establishing priorities, developing routines and practices that reinforced a general ethic about hard work, dogged preparation and constant monitoring. We believe that there is a direct correlation between planning, work and achievement. The best way to help the student reach his/her goal is to be organizing deep respect for quality, total attention to his personal needs and a commitment to continual improvement to get the job done.

Our Method:

Repetition It is important for tennis players to work on repetition, by repeating a stroke, movement or shot selection the students will create muscle memory, making the action mechanic.

Variation In order to avoid the adaptation syndrome, and to keep students interested, motivated and improving it is important to be creative and change constantly the loads, the volume and the exercises.

Periodization Roadmap to achieve the goal--- The Tennis Program is based on a simple plan that divides the overall training program into different periods so improvements are made step-by-step, month-to-month and year-to-year. You draw the map to the successful.

profile & about us

APF Academies is the only indoor tennis academy considerably the best in Bangkok, operated and managed by a private company

APF Academies has diversified programs for those who are started playing tennis. Our native international staffs kindly provide lessons for all levels and generations.

Thus, they enjoy playing tennis continuously with our program. A wide variety of our program satisfies different levels of players as well as advanced players so we are creating the best environment for players.

For instance, players are able to play whenever they want, wherever they want, and they do not need to worry about their practice partners.

For junior players, we emphasize about education more than teaching tennis. We are absolutely interested in producing successful tennis players as well as helping students to develop what they need to be successful in their life.

We are currently setting up our own systems for our members, for example, the substitution lesson system, issuing membership cards and delivering the purchasing point system for our pro shop. In addition, we are planning our original campaign and promotion.