【Beginners】Enjoy the Bangkok lifestyle. Enjoy Life! Tennis at APF!

The air is dryer. "Finally the dry season is here." So we thought until the unexpected rain fell once again. Its Matsushita. 
Not just tennis, we'd like to support your Bangkok lifestyle with new information. 


[Holiday Junior Challenge] Spectacular Venue with Spectacular Friends We Gave It Our All!!

Hi its Sakai. 
Yesterday was a Thai holiday.
We had our Holiday Junior Challenge with 22 students in a fabulous environment.
The photo above was after practice. Great faces!!
Moving onward Kiarti Thanee Country club were our practice took place...


Junior Tournament APF 500 Series. The Technical level has gone up!

Hi everyone its Yuichiro. Last week I took a short holiday travelling around different coffee shops.I probably went to about 2 to 3 coffees shops per day so in all visited maybe about 10? I'll blog about these another time. 
Today we'd like to report on our Junior Singles Tournament [APF Masters Series 500]


Types of tennis surfaces. What is APF?

Thank you for always using APF Academies.
Its me Ken! I've recently returned from Jakarta. Feels like Bangkok has finally entered the dry season. Need to be cautious of our physical condition during.