Week 2: Junior Tennis ASIB soi 31 campus

Today we learned how to play doubles challenger. After our basic warm-up and ground strokes we went into the game. Two champions are standing across the opposite side of the net, while five challengers rotate using the hula hoops. It was fun watching everyone feel the nerves of getting the ball back across the net and into the yellow line area. Stay tuned for next week!


Junior Event: Basic & Match Play

Eleven juniors participated in the event 'Basic & Match class' today where the focus was tuning the forehand 'basic swing' and backhand 'face-up'. This event came at a good time over a long five day holiday weekend. Normal classes run 90 minutes, but todays event was for two hours. Also, practicing the serve we went into playing singles & doubles matches. It was a great time for all who joined!

Price Increase Information

May 4th, 2015 

Price Increase Notice 

Dear APF Academies Member, 

Thank you for choosing and supporting APF Academies. 

In order to provide better service to our members and to cover rising costs, group lesson prices will increase effectively starting Monday, July 27th, 2015 Term 83. 

As you many already know renovations to the waiting room area, additional walkway features are planned, and an automatic cancellation & make-up system will be installed towards the end of July. Furthermore, we will start opening on Tuesdays. 

Thank you for your understanding. At APF APF Academies we value our member needs as we continually look for new ways to provide higher quality service. 

Please view the following information below for price change and effective billing date. 

APF Academies 
Kaneko Hideki 
Managing director