The wait is over! Thailand already hosts $22,500 Beach tennis tournament!

Hello everyone! Big news! Remember the blog about beach tennis? I found out that in December 2013 Thailand  had started to officially host a $22,500 tournament. The competition is held down in Hua Hin. Sounds like so much fun!

Let's lunch together!!

Hi, this is Sakai. I am really excited for the World Cup Brazil in next month. Which team are you rooting for? I would like to inform you about our lunch get together on the June 18th and 19th.


Evening curfew correspondence

This is Tsukada. As of this evening a military curfew has been enacted. From 10:00pm until 5:00am in the morning people are prohibited to be outdoors.

One the most nutritional fruits that 'I love to eat'

Hi its George. One of my favourite fruits to eat is the avocado. The nutritional benefits packed in a single avocado are amazing. The smooth buttery taste of a ripened avocado is beautiful. I'd like to share some basic knowledge about this amazing fruit that most people mistaken for a vegetable. 


Tennis International: Thank you for coming!!

Good-day to everyone! It was a pretty cool Sunday with a bit of rain in the forecast. Perhaps the flash heavy rain deterred a few more people from coming, but it was good that turned out for the first Tennis International. From the left we had Huiyi (9), Tina (10), Ninja(8), Bobby(9), and Arata(15).