Practice with Professional Player Kelsey Stevenson

Yesterday our Koki Matsuda[14] (players class) and visiting junior from Japan Toshimasa Uchiyama [17] were able to practice with professional tennis player Kelsey Stevenson [24] from Toronto, Canada.  Kelsey is a graduate from Bangkok Pattana school and has extensively lived in Bangkok, Thailand. One of his best friends is Milos Raonic!

Congratulation, Kanon!

Hi, this is Sakai.
Kanon Iwakuma from our "Players Class" has won the Bangkok Cup girls under 14's. She also played under 16's and finished as a runner-up.


Finishing in the third place..Almost there!!

Hi, this is Sakai.
Good news. Mami Hagiwara from our "Players Class" has finished in third place (Girls under12)in local tournament (TOYOTA grade5) last weekend.
Unfortunately, she could not win the tournament, but this gave her a lot of motivation, now she knows what to do to get what she wants, which is to win the title. She has been practicing a lot harder this summer.
Our other players have done well too.

【ZERO1】ZERO1 Oita. Japan tour.

Hi, this is Tsukada. I am in Oita, Japan. Oita prefecture is famously known for great hot springs. There is no way I should not take advantage of that. Now, my skin is so fresh and smooth. It is our first time presenting Zero1 in Oita. It was great having the best coaches and players for two full days.