Hi everyone! I've been recently capsulated by the logic surrounding the '16 seconds' between each point in order to set ourselves up optimally for the next point. There has been a lot of focus that 70%~80% of a tennis match is played not actually during the points but between the points.  How players are able to handle themselves physically and mentally after each point.


One Day Holiday Junior Challenge : Only 10 spaces are available.

Hi, this is Sakai.
It's suppose to be a rainy season but seems like it does not rain as much as it used to.
I'd like to introduce our special ONE day junior starters class (Class JF) event which will be on the 11th of July.


Something to talk about...

Hi, this is Matsushita. Did you know the Wilson just welcomed 100th anniversary??
And their tennis ball has its name and a number written on the ball.
What does the number stands for?

Lunch get together!! We are more than tennis buddies!!!

Hello, this is Tsukada. We had our lunch get together on June 18th and 19th. Everyone had such a good time!


Here's what all APF Members have been waiting for!

'Hi everyone we know you've been anxiously waiting for the June promo!'
More power to you than the previous promo!