Profile & About us

APF Academies is the only indoor tennis academy considerably the best in Bangkok, operated and managed by a private company

APF Academies has diversified programs for those who are started playing tennis. Our international staffs kindly provide lessons for all levels and generations. Thus, they enjoy playing tennis continuously with our program.  A wide variety of our program satisfies different levels of players as well as advanced players so we are creating the best environment for players. For instance, players are able to play whenever they want, wherever they want, and they do not need to worry about their practice partners.

For junior players, we emphasize about education more than teaching tennis. We are absolutely interested in producing successful tennis players as well as helping students to develop what they need to be successful in their life. We are currently setting up our own systems for our members, for example, the substitution lesson system, issuing membership cards and delivering the purchasing point system for our pro shop. In addition, we are planning our original campaign and promotion.

what is advantages of the group lesson?

what is advantages of the group lesson?

Joining a tennis lesson as a group is not familiar in Singapore. Now, we would like to pick some advantages of the group lesson and tennis school for people who have never been to tennis school.

contact us & location

contact us

APF Academies 12/75 Soi Attakavee1, Kwang Kongton, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
  - Tel 02-665-6278
  - Mail apfabkk@gmail.com




APF Academies:High Performance Team Challenge

Hello everyone! We had our P-Class Challenge event tonight starring three students.
Yuri (front pink shirt), Mashu (front white shirt), and Hibiki (front APF shirt) The event is geared towards those who are interested in taking their game to the next level. 


Price List


    1term = 4weeks
Adult Class Price(Baht) 1 Term
 Start 3,200  16 Times(Maximum)
 Flower 3,800 4 Times
 Beginner 3,800 4 Times
 Intermediate 3,800 4 Times
 Advance 3,800 4 Times
 Tournament 3,800 4 Times
 Spot 1,100  
 Social Tennis 350 / 2hrs  
Junior Class    
 Kids 3,000 4 Times
 J.Flower 3,400 4 Times
 J.Advance 3,600 4 Times
 Pre-Players 3,900 4 Times
 High Performance 14,500
4 times / week
per month
  16,800 Baht
5 times / week
per month
6 times / week
per month
Private Lesson 1,800 / 1h Foreign Coach
   include Court, Balls 1,000 / 30min Foreign Coach
  900  / 1h Thai Coach