APF Academies New Year Party @ My Porch

We had a nice New Year Lunch Party Celebration @ My Porch Soi 39. Thank you for the great turn out of members from several different classes (F/BG, BG/IM, IM/AD). The accommodation and quality of food at the restaurant was very feasible. We had a nice relaxing time with plenty of laughs and surprising stories to tell!!Stay tuned for the next lunch party!! 


After School Junior Tennis @ AISB Soi 31 week 3

Today at the soi 31 campus we had fun playing singles points! First to 3 points friendly match using clothespin to keep track of the score. The rotation went smoothly and everyone was in good team spirit. We finished the lesson with proper sportsmanship handshakes and thanked each other.

After School Tennis Program @ AISB School soi 20 week 3

Hello everyone! Everyone was eager to learn more about the game. Today we added scoring. Sung-Chun had been a great helper showing everyone how to bounce hit and bounce catch which is the introduction to the rally we had practiced from the second week.  It's so nice to have everyone watch and listen to the instructions.