Recycle used tennis balls

Other places around the world have organisations to help recycle used tennis balls. I feel that Thailand should also get on this bandwagon.  Three hundred million tennis balls are made worldwide each year and are discarded into landfills each year. We should do something about it!

Did you know???

Hello, everyone!! APF Academies was recently featured in the local free Japanese news letter magazine called WISE. Pick up a copy and check out the ad even if you don't read Japanese. (In it features our CEO Hideki Kaneko and of course, myself..Tsukada."


Peek: Portable eye care examiner on mobile device

One of my favourite channels to view on youtube are the TED:TALKS.  Just the abundance of interesting information and knowledge one can gain is amazing!  I recently came across a presentation which introduced a smartphone device that works as a high-tech portable eye examiner. 


Showing our member appreciation..Free T shirt from APF Academies!!

Hello, it's Sakai!
It's already May, gosh, time goes by so fast!!
We have awesome news for you!!
To thank everyone for becoming a member at APF Academies, we are giving out FREE T-shirt to all members who signed up before May 15th.

Wanting to start tennis in Bangkok?! May Promotion at APF ACADEMIES is a Bargain!!

It's Ryota. The month of May has begun.
Mid May is the beginning of rainy season. With the weather change, hope everyone stays illness free.

Now we'd like to introduce ourPromotional Bargain for May.


Camp Sukhumvit is Taking-Off

We are closing in on the deadline to apply for the camp! A strong turn out of 10+ students, but we are still eager for more. A lot of people have been asking and waiting for  a unique, healthy, and fun experience for our children who live in the Sukhumvit Area. Check out the video too! 

Rainy season starting? It doesn't matter at APF Academies rain or shine.

Anyone wake up this morning feeling that the rainy season is about to begin in Bangkok? I certainly did! I was lucky enough to get off the motorcycle taxi right in front of our entrance before it began to pour heavily. To our advantage at APF we have indoor courts!


Thai's famous Poo Phad Pong Ka Hri

Hello, everyone, this is Tsukada. It is getting really hot right now, how are you handling this heat? Please do not forget to hydrate yourself.

Sunday Beep Test: Cool down Snow ice milkshake

Every last Sunday of each month the performance class partake in the 20 meter Beep Test. It was an extremely humid evening and after a 2.5 hr. practice they got into it. Afterwards, the players were treated to a snow ice milkshake provided by Coach George. This never happens! S.Korea memory.


May 7th 'Shotgun Start' Free Trial. Come and invite your friend along.

"Lets go to Kyoto no not really, but APF Academies.  That's where we'll be!"
Wednesday, May 7th 10:30 to 11:30.
We'd like to present our beginners class 'free' trial event.

Rental racket
Don't worry. You do not have to buy a tennis racket for this free trial lesson. We offer free rental racket. Of course, they are for beginners and easy to handle.

Likewise, don't worry if you don't have...
tennis shoes.
running shoes , training shoes and sneaker are ok.
Please refrain from spikes, such as baseball, football, or golf.

Freshen up afterwards
Fully equipped locker rooms available with convenient hair dryers.

Apply Now!

We look forward to seeing you soon!!

Introducing our staffsDSC 7843aYuichiro Matsushita APF ACADEMIES
"Hi, APF is waiting for you.
Let's play tennis together!"