Happy 20th birthday, coach Ko.

Hello, it's me Sakai.
Coach Egashira (is here from Fukuoka, Japan as an intern), celebrating his big 20th birthday here in bangkok! (20th BD is very important in Japan…)
Introducing coach Egashira.

Coach Egashira celebrated his 20th birthday with coach Matsushita at wine connection in K-Village.

We don't know why Coach Matsushita has a candle on his cake too. (Just can't not share the spot light, I guess..)

Just thinking how my 20th birthday was like…
Do you remember how your 20th birthday was like??

I am so interested, grab me at the APF cafeteria, I am all up for a long talk over a cup of coffee!!

スタッフ紹介DSC 7843a 酒井亮太 APF ACADEMIES
2013年タイの12歳以下No1選手を育成。その他ATF, ITFジュニア、ジュニアオレンジボールの引率を経験。世界で活躍するジュニア育成を目指しています。 全てのクラスのレッスンにおいて、一生懸命であることをモットーとしています。

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