A little physics lesson about the 'Magnus effect'?

For sports such as golf, baseball, soccer, tennis, cricket, and table tennis the athlete is looking to bend the ball in flight which is where the Magnus force comes into play. The Magnus effect can be applied in several directions to create topspin, backspin, and sidespin.


A visit from the students from Japanese School in Bangkok.

Hi, this is Sakai. The nineteen tennis loving students came APF ACADEMIES for an hour lesson yesterday. I did my best to give advice to every one of them to take back with them within the hour. Good luck everyone!! Keep it up and you will do fine!! The next lesson is in July!!
Introducing our staffsDSC 7843a Ryota Sakai  APF ACADEMIES
Currently developing the Thai No.#1 boys 12 & Under. Experienced travelling coach for ATF, ITF Junior, and Orange Bowl. Aiming to develop juniors who can compete around the world. My motto is,"To give my best" in every class and lesson.