Happy Father's Day!! You got Milk? We got Milk!!

Fathersday engHi, everyone! Happy Father's Day. I am a proud father of two girls now. Just our kids growing up happy and healthy, that will what any father want. This is Kaneko.


Back to normal business hours

Hello, everyone! This is Tsukada. The curfew is now from 0:01〜04:00. APF ACADEMIES is now back on regular business hours. Stay safe and hope to see you soon!!

Introducing our staffsDSC 7843a Kenichiro Tsukada APF ACADEMIES

"Actively working to make APF Academies a more International Academy!"


【ZERO1】Japan Tour! Location and Date information!

Hi it's Tsukada. I've been glued to the TV anticipating who will be the winner of this years French Open. Did you see the epic final last night? Nadal's ninth title is ridiculous! Starting from late July until late August approximately 1 month we will be hosting the ZERO1 tour. Here is the schedule and locations!

Junior Singles Tournament Complete. Next June (29th) Full.

It's a bird!?
It's a plane!?
Your right! It's me Matsushita!
Our regularly scheduled APF Junior Tournament. Today's tournament level was JA class and above.