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APF ACADEMIES adult program is carefully made based on theory and believes of our supervisor Hideki Kaneko (exe professional, played Davis Cup for Japan and silver medalist in 1998 Asian Games); who believes that Tennis can be played and should be enjoyed by any age and any level and can be played for a very long time if we custom fit to peoples needs.
Our ACADEMIES believe enjoy playing tennis is universal but we have English, Thai, Japanese speaking coaches available for needs.

Our friendly lessons are held in indoor courts. So if you are tennis or exercise lover , it can get done in any weather.
Our clean locker room let you fit your lesson in between your very active and busy schedules. And if you want to just take a time to relax..We have a cafe where you can have a cup of coffee to meet your friends or watch your family play tennis.


TENNIS can be played at any age and can be played for a very long time.

Taking our adult lessons lead you to have healthy life style and a chance to meet new friends. Makes your life more fun while you are in Bangkok.

ST Starting Class
With zero experience but want to learn to play tennis or wants to exercise to lose weight, this is the class for you. The starting class let you take as many as 16 classes in one term depends on your commitment and available time. You will learn how to hold racquet correctly and learn the basic smooth swings. You will be able to rally with coach more than 10 times in no time!! (60min/session, 4 lesson max/week, 16 lessons max/ term)

FL Flower Class
Beginners or promoted from Starting Class, with the playing experience of more than 3 months, or who can continue to rally with coach. This class offers basket feed drills, rally and point games at the very comfortable pace. (90min/session)

BG Beginners
Class Beginners or upper beginners with playing experience of more than a year or can rally with other players (other than coach). This class will give you stability on your strokes even you were moved all over the court. (90min/session)

IM Intermediate
Class Focus on solid strokes but more power on rally. Learn how to use volley will let you enjoy playing doubles and have more fun in tennis. (90min/session)

AD Advanced Class
Intermediate/upper intermediate players. Focus on higher/steady level in strokes and volley. Learning techniques and tactics. (90min/session)

TN Tournament Class
Advanced players who wants to step up on their game techniques, tactics and quality of strokes. (90min/session)



We focus on teaching "Sportsmanship, discipline and to put out effort sometime with the patience" to our junior players.

It gets really hard to teach our children the importance of teamwork…how to be cooperative and be patient in every day life style. We can teach all that through our lessons just by playing tennis! Our teaching method uses good mixture of Japanese and Thai cultures, we focus on not just create tennis players. We focus on creating well balanced, rounded , respected human being.

KD2 Kids Class (age 3-5)
The kids live in small world. (literally) That's why we are introducing "Play and Stay". (Smaller court, smaller racquet slower balls) Kids will have fun and play very safely. (60min/session)

KD1 Kids Class (age 6-7)
This class offers kids to stay busy running and jumping around. Start getting familiarized with racquet and balls. Start teaching them basic natural swing at earlier age will help them to learn to hit balls quickly, and be able to rally with friends. While having fun with friends, they are learning about team work. (60min/session)

JF Junior Flower Class
For the starting Juniors. This class will teach basic forms and swings, that will help to hit balls comfortably. After getting use to hitting balls, we will bring out their competitive side at their level…While they compete among each other, we will teach techniques, knowledge, and sportsmanship. Using medi balls. (peewee) (90min/session)

JA Junior Advanced Class
Intermediate level. Having fun playing and learning importance of basic swings and natural form, start preparing them to play competitively. (Start playing matches) Focusing on quality of rally. (90min/session)

PP Pre-Players Class
Preparing to play in competition. Start adding physical training, focusing on strengthning their body and soul. We will bring out their efforts, more than they think they have. Help them to break their walls to bring out their capability that they don't know they have. (90min/session)

PL Players Class
Tournament Players Course. The training and practice requires 4 to 6 /week. The practice will help them to prepare for them to compete in various tournaments in/out of Bangkok. We will prepare them not only just tennis techniques. We have experienced tournament coaches therefore we can help to prepare what to expect and do while they are traveling.
4 times a week  THB 14,500   
5 times a week  
THB 16,800    
times a week  
HB 19,000


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