So you thought you can't play...

Hello, this is Matsushita. My beginners classes are on Thursday and Friday. If you thought you are not good with the moving balls..especially the small one..on the court.. I will break it down so you would never think the same way!!

Don't start from the RALLY. Start from self-hand feed. Nobody know you better than yourself.
When you learn how to swing comfortably, drop a ball in front of where your swing line is. The key is

・Don't panic. Do it slowly.
・Do the correct swing.
・Do keep the same contact point.

When you self feed the balls, you can calculate where is the best place to drop a ball.

Have some one hand feed you
You can have someone hand feed you from close distance. Do pay attention to keep the right swing.

・Check the timing.
・Keep the same rhythm.
・Do swing your racket. (It's important to swing your racket away.)

Take baby steps. Clear each small stage.

Hard to hit a high bounced ball
It is hard to hit regular yellow balls because it bounces pretty high…especially for the junior class.

・Because it bounce so high.
・The speed is really fast.

With these reasons, they don't make it any easier for the juniors to keep rallying.
Well that's why we use these balls.

The green balls (Play and Stay) or Medi Balls
Yes, it has less pressure and makes it 25% slower than regular yellow balls. It also bounces lower too.
Makes it easier to hit naturally at the right contact point because you have time to get close to the ball and get ready.
Tennis is so much fun when you can rally.

Make easy goal first
when you can clear that, step up to next stage.
When you struggle, step back and see what you can clear before that.
The important thing is see what you can do..not what you can not do.

Introducing our staffsDSC 7843a Yuichiro Matsushita APF ACADEMIES
Hi, waiting for you to come to APF.
Let's play tennis together!

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