Happy Mother's Day

Hello, this is Tsukada. Today is the Mother's day. We appreciate everything that mothers do. Let's show our appreciation!!

They are member of APF ACADEMIES. They started together with no experience but they took a lot of special courses including private lessons besides the regular lessons, so they became really good really fast. They also communicate well through tennis. What a wonderful experience and moment a mother and son share the playing and talking about tennis. We are so glad that we can offer a place where people feel happy!! We are handing out the 'Thank-you' cards today. Please write your message too!!

I autographed all night the night before. Can you see, normally I have a big pair of eyes(!?) but can not nearly keep them open..Anything for moms!!

Introducing our staffsDSC 7843a Kenichiro Tsukada APF ACADEMIES
"Actively working to make APF Academies a more International Academy!"

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