Recycle used tennis balls

Other places around the world have organisations to help recycle used tennis balls. I feel that Thailand should also get on this bandwagon.  Three hundred million tennis balls are made worldwide each year and are discarded into landfills each year. We should do something about it!

 'Project Green Ball' is a recycling program devoted to find innovated ways to recycle and reuse tennis balls that are not harmful to our planet. Tennis balls decompose very slowly and take up space in landfills and also produce methane gas contributing to global warming. 

Innovated ways such as grounding the tennis balls to be used in equestrian arenas and in playground construction use are just two to mention. http://www.infohorse.com/arenafooting.asp

The French Tennis Federation has there own version called Operation Balle Jaune which collects annually 1,100,000 balls to create 13 rubber sports surfaces made from tennis balls for kids. 

These innovated ways to re-use tennis balls are fun and useful!

We've all seen tennis balls on the bottom of chairs 

Wonder how much glue is need for these unique tables? 

Cool bracelets! How popular are these? Haven't seen anyone around wearing them. 

We all need to do our part bringing global awareness to the game! 

"Anyone else have great ideas that they'd like to add?"

Staff Introduction:
  Shinichi George Kidera  APF ACADEMIES COACH

"Lets help make the world a safer place while smacking the ball around!"

Back into the swing of things in 2014! My goal is to definitely learn more Thai this year, play more tennis, get into great shape, and as always inspire those who want to become better tennis players. Have a great start everyone to your new year and keep your goals alive and in-line.

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