Did you know???

Hello, everyone!! APF Academies was recently featured in the local free Japanese news letter magazine called WISE. Pick up a copy and check out the ad even if you don't read Japanese. (In it features our CEO Hideki Kaneko and of course, myself..Tsukada."

Did you know our CEO is a 1995 All Japan National Champion? Mr. Hideki Kaneko has won many titles as a  junior player. He was also picked to be a member of Japan's Davis Cup team.  APF ACADEMIES and our staffs operate under his philosophy and experiences. We are not only here to teach tennis, but are also here to help enrich our clients lifestyle while living in Bangkok. Why not to take advantage of our great May Promotion!!?? Now, 1 Term / 4 lessons for only 500B!!

We are so excited to become friends with you!! If anyone asks "Where do you go play tennis??" You'd say, "of course, at the APF Acedemies!!" because you will have excellent staff to support you all the way!!

Introducing our staffsDSC 7843a Kenichiro Tsukada APF ACADEMIES
"Actively working to make APF Academies a more International Academy!"

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