'Zero 1' in Pattaya

Hello everyone! 2015 Zero 1 kicked started in Pattaya @ the beautiful Siam Bayshore Resort & Spa Hotel. Sixteen juniors are participating in this rewarding, educational, and fun tennis camp. Head coaching staff Mr. Kaneko Hideki and Mr. Kenichiro Tsukada will be making their way over to Japan spreading the Zero 1 camp into nine different cities.

A stepping stone. Part of the allout challenge
The 'Zero 1' is a small mini-camp which offers the introductory principles of our annual two week allout challenge in December. The students are here to gather new insight into making improvements to their tennis game. The camp exists as a small helping tool on the quest to become better players. The day in and day out practice routine both on and off the court is what makes the difference. Being efficient without wasting time is important.

 How to use the body
Before the juniors begin to hit balls they need to understand which body parts are most important. In tennis, the lower body particularly the glutes, hamstrings, and adductor muscles need to be utilised in order for the strokes to be efficient. There are many ways to hit the ball and certainly there is no right or wrong way, but there are more efficient ways.

The 'Basic-swing' 
We really stress the importance of how to hit a basic forehand. The focus is on the non-dominant hand, stepping in / semi-open stance, height of impact, and follow-through. A lot of time is spent on feeling every shot and bringing awareness to when things start to misfire and how to make the adjustments.

The 'Windmill'
We also teach a few specialty shot and the reasons why they are important in todays modern game. For example, how to move the opponent off the court, how to off balance the opponent, taking time away, disguising the shot, or throwing the opponents timing off. This shot is used for all the purposes mentioned.

Dinner @ Shakariki432
Nothing is complete after a long day of tennis without a nutritional meal. We ate 'nabe' a type of Japanese mixed meat and vegetable soup over a portable bunsen burner. The broth was very delicious. The nabe is a 'serve it yourself' dish which is great for allowing the juniors to be proactive rather than sitting back and waiting for their food to be served.

Stayed tuned in on Day 2 action!

Staff Introduction: Shinichi George Kidera  APF ACADEMIES COACH  
   "RALLY your ENERGY and align it with your GOALS!"

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