[Holiday Junior Challenge] Spectacular Venue with Spectacular Friends We Gave It Our All!!

Hi its Sakai. 
Yesterday was a Thai holiday.
We had our Holiday Junior Challenge with 22 students in a fabulous environment.
The photo above was after practice. Great faces!!
Moving onward Kiarti Thanee Country club were our practice took place...

Is where our annual【allout】camp takes place. They've re-surfaced the courts making them even better than before!!
The best hard courts
Afer arriving the first impression was, "Wow! so cool!!" "A lot nicer than we expected!!" Being able to practice on such nice courts simply adds to the motivation level.
Good courts have a different smoothness feel. Can you tell the difference? 

The morning session we practiced on fundamentals and focused on the serve. In the afternoon we got into a lot of singles and doubles matches. 
Champion Challenger version Potton Match. Game face on.

Nice backhand. Normally students are separated by class level, but at this camp it was mixed allowing players to view other players good techniques.

Practicing a lot of serves to feel confident when playing a match.

The ever so popular 'Potton' game

For lunch they had delicious lunch by Nippontei. So satisfied!!

Today was a tennis and pool day. How much more satisfied can they be.
At normal practices the students are not able to frequently play as much matches, but today for one full day they fully immersed themselves. 

Today we expressed to the kids, "Whether you win or lose you enjoy the match."
We were delighted to see so many great smiling faces. 
We hope the parents from those who participated ask their child how was their day!! 

We'd like to continue to create wonderful events where children have the opportunity to excel in tennis!!

Introducing our staffsRyota Sakai  APF ACADEMIES
Currently developing the Thai No.#1 boys 12 & Under. Experienced travelling coach for ATF, ITF Junior, and Orange Bowl. Aiming to develop juniors who can compete around the world. My motto is,"To give my best" in every class and lesson.

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