6 tricks to hit a flawless forehand. (Basic Swings)

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Hello, this is Kaneko. Just fished the very first Zero1; first of a long summer series here, in Bangkok. So glad that we got to start from here. Gave me a great opportunity to summarize the program. There are a lot more room for improvements. I will work harder to make this Zero1 series unforgettable to those who are participating. Wish me good luck!

The picture above is what "Basic Swings" look like. A model here is Sota from Class JA. We work on Basic Swings in the first day in the morning. Having understand the basic swing allows you to shed off any of those unnecessary take back swings and unwanted move to hit forehands. We focus to be Simpler and smarter.

To keep the balance: Use a free hand

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The hand that is not holding a racquet is very important to make a great forehand shot. You do need to use this hand to keep the balance to maximize the forehand swing. Just like you need both feet to pedal a bicycle. In the picture the non racquet holding arm is out straight and We focus on thumb down and pointing finger outward.

Focus on Yellow Triangle

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This is one of our key words. "Yellow Triangle". The color does not mean anything but the shape of triangle matters. We make sure the players know the difference in shape depending on what kind of shot their are going to make. And knowing these stance keep you well balanced to make a perfect shot.

Use your knees. Don't let the power go!

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So you master the yellow triangle stance..you are well balanced and set to hit your forehand..but if you can not use your knees correctly, you can not use 100% of power that you have been banking..(If you have the knees set out apart..your power goes out through your knees..not with the body to make a swing.)

Squeeze the inner thighs.

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So how do you NOT let your knees out. Use the inner thigh muscles..squeeze them like squeezing a wet towel..to dry.

Hip Step Jump

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Controlling the movement of the knees, squeezing the inner thigh muscles, makes you not to depend on the quads..Allows you to use the back of your thighs and buttocks.
If you use the quads too much you will not last for a long time. Using the back of thighs will help you last longer. Adding a jump (really kick starting) gives you extra strength.


BasicSwing 003
Stands for "I like your smile!" The smile relaxes your facial muscles. If your facial muscles are uptight, it causes a lot of unwanted strenghs on your jaws and damages your neck and teeth. And who wants to see a very stiffed face player!? You want to entertain the audiences, don't you??

Last but not least..

 From the last Zero1 in Bangkok, I had a chance to see a lot of things that could only be seen in a live clinic. The Zero1 happens because of the players participations and their parents support. Starting from next week we are going over seas. Japan, here we come!

Introducing our staffs
DSC 7843a Hideki Kaneko Academies Director
Hello world! I was a professional tennis player. my daughter's name is Hao. I got from chinese word & chinese characters 你好! (Nǐ hǎo)

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