Hi it's Tsukada. Bangkok has entered the rainy season cooling things down. We'd like to inform everyone the allout ZERO1 will be held locally here in Bangkok 7/26~8/31.

The last two week of  every December, the 'allout' where top competing world class athletes and coaches along with juniors gather at Kiarti Thanee country club.  This time it will feature Japan's All Japan Champion CEO and managing director Mr. Kaneko Hideki who will be personally instructing. It does not happen very often where Mr. Kaneko comes out to personally instruct so the participants are very lucky!

The players class athletes understand the information which will be presented in the ZERO1. This time the players class juniors will also join therefore the participants can receive advice from them. Being able to observe the players class practice will hopefully bring a lot of positive motivation. Participants are selected by the coaches who are at least JA level and above. We are already at maximum capacity. People who are wanting to participate will need to placed on a waiting list for open cancellations.

The ZERO1 season is about to start! We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to locally instruct our clients from Bangkok. 

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