Look at our surprise treat for you all!

Hello, everyone! This is Tsukada. 🎶Look what I have♫ I will share with any members who comes to APF for lesson tomorrow.



Mr. Oshima, a former coach from Sanwa Acadey (Who works for ASUKA FOODS which is in the same APF Group )has brought us their known Japanese Sweets straight from their factory in Japan. I can not believe I get to taste the authentic Japanese sweets in Thailand!!


If you are free, call us and make an appt for a lesson!! Oh, I feel so generous, even you don't have a lesson, come to the club and enjoy these heavenly sweets with us!!

Introducing our staffs
DSC 7843a Kenichiro Tsukada APF ACADEMIES
Introducing the Super Songkran Promotion. Offer last until March 20th.

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