Two weeks of Junior Challenge daily tennis camp has successfully completed.

Hello, This is Tsukada. The Junior Challenge 5 days daily camp has successfully completed. The kids look so different from the first day…Their potentials are endless. I am so lucky to spend quality time with all of them.

This exercise requires speed and quick judgement skills.

No exerience? NO problem once you get coached by Coach Kidera.

Awesome lunch every day!

How can I forget, the memorable lunch at Ramen King.

Coach Kidera's energy wakes everyone up!

Hey, you need a little tender care? Use "I can't tie my shoe laces.." How didn't I come up with it?? Everyone is so friendly and so kind. They were not just playing tennis. They learned to work as a team and cared for each other. I would like to give a great appreciation to moms and dads for letting participate the Junior Challenge daily camp.
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We will work actively to the APF making a more international Academies!

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