3 things you need before you begin.

Hello, everyone. It's me, your friend curious Matsushita.
If you want to start playing tennis tomorrow. What do you exactly need?

Curious Matsushita went to go find the answers for you.


A tennis racket!

If you are thinking "I have no idea what kind to get…."

Let APF Academies help you. We will match you with the best partner…a new racket.(Maybe boyfriend/girlfriend later.)
APF academies carry many different testing rackets. So if you don't know what kind to get or want to test on few..Call us or come over, let us know, we are the place for you.

If you have a brand preference…. Coach Tsukada specializes in wilson!
Coach Sakai specialized in yonex!
And Coach George specialized in head!

You can buy at APF academies, but if you want to go somewhere else to buy..

①Emporium(tennis shop is behind the golf shop)
②Central world(Side of UNIQLO)
③Siam Paragon
④Future Sports(Sukhumvit 41)
⑤Robinson(BTS Asok)
you can find in any of these stores.


You can start with a running shoes or sneakers.
But if you start playing it is very important to focus on the soles of the shoes. Yes, the tennis shoes are made by different companies , you can choose what you like, but pay attention to the soles.
They are made differently and specialized for different court surfaces like for grass, clay, hard, ommi or carpet. You can also find a pair that can be wear for all the courts.
Be careful not to get confused with badminton shoes. The badminton shoes are regularly come with rubber soles that meant for the badminton courts.
Some times, very hard to find what you want.
We go to Sports mart (Sukhumvit 26 Second fl in Japanese Village)
They have a lot of selections to choose from.
I heard they have great sales at Queen Sirikit.
Coach T always knows…exactly when.


It's your chance to show the world…ok, not that big…but it's your chance to dress up or wear funky shirt that you have always wanted to wear...
I take my tennis fashion seriously.
APF Academies has roof covered courts, so you can wear any kind of tennis wear and not to worry about getting unwanted suntan. (If you do want to get tanned…you can get it by going just out side)
For men, until recently we did not have much to choose from like the ladies attire. But now they come with different designs for us too.. So more fun for both of us.
Here is a site where you can check the most recent tennis wears.

Emporium(nike & adidas shop)
Central world(by UNIQLO)
Siam Paragon
Sport mart(Sukhumvit soi 26, 2nd fl of Japanese Village)

My personal favorite is the one from Uniqlo(Central World). Actually, this Uniqlo store is the only store in Bangkok that carries tennis wears. The Uniqlo tennis wear is fitted type and makes you look very sharp.

Sorry, Men's wear only.

APF Academies has our original T shirts too!! (Yes, We do carry for the Ladies too!!)
Introducing our staffsDSC 7843a Yuichiro Matsushita APF ACADEMIES
Hi, waiting you coming APF.
Let's play tennis together!