After School Tennis Program @ AISB School soi 20

Hello everyone! Second week of tennis and already we are learning how to partner rally with bounce hit bounce catch! Racket and elbow bent out in front, drop the ball out in front, and bounce hit. Sounds pretty easy and it is. We have played the activity 'alligator' to help with the bounce catch.

Group huddle
Good communication and teamwork are important to understand what is going to happen. When coach uses his whistle its time to pay close attention.

Rally at the end
The 'Play N Stay' program focuses on serve, rally, and score.  We have kept track of score by counting how many and today was the introduction of the rally. The students are very eager to play and coach often hears the phrase, "When can we play REAL tennis?" I reply to them this is REAL :) Next week we will get into the serve.  Play the game and practice the 'tools' (forehand,backhand, volley, serve, movement, etc.) needed to play the game with more fun! 

Please view the rest of the photos below. Courtesy of Miss Gade who has been kind of enough to be our TA / photographer. Very much appreciated! 

Did you know the first Grand-slam of the year is just started! Tune into the Australian Open (Jan. 19 -Feb. 1st) and see what's happening.  In Thailand, television broadcasting of live matches are usually shown on the following channels. Fox Sports Asia, Star Sports, and True Sport. 

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Staff Introduction:
  Shinichi George Kidera  APF ACADEMIES COACH

Happy New 2015 Year! All the best to all! What are your goals for this new year. I'd like to run another full marathon again and get into gymnastics training. Of course, keep up with my tennis game!

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