After School Junior Tennis @ AISB soi 31

Today is the start of our junior tennis program at AISB soi 31 campus. The students here are from year two, three, and four. Starting from the left Soh, Nao, Aut, Aryan, Coach George, Midori, and Mitchell snuggling along coach. The enclosed playing area is perfect to set up the mini-net and have the kids start playing right away.  Check out the few photos below!

Since it was the first day we started out with name tags, self introduction, and watched a small video showcasing what the game of tennis is. Some already have previous tennis experience where others are completely new. We all started together on the same page.  

After warm up and stretching, we got into playing around with the ball and racket. (ball and racket coordination)  Balancing, dribbling, and no bounce. Easier said than done, but they all concentrated trying to keep the ball close by. 

Coach George is trying to explain the concept of rally from the first day. Understanding to serve, rally, and score will allow everyone to know how to play the game.  It was a fun first day and look forward to seeing everyone next Wednesday! 

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Staff Introduction:
  Shinichi George Kidera  APF ACADEMIES COACH

Happy New 2015 Year! All the best to all! What are your goals for this new year. I'd like to run another full marathon again and get into gymnastics training. Of course, keep up with my tennis game. 

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