After School Junior Tennis @ AISB Soi 31 week 2

Hello everyone week two at soi 31 AISB! "We want to play REAL tennis!" Well today we played doubles two on two 1st to 7 points and a big 10 point game. Team work and team spirit was the name of the game.  We did switch teams with team captain Mitchell and Noa first round followed by  team captain Aut and Ayran second round. Things got heated up!

Team Aut Soh, and Noa worked together the best they could today. Since it was 2 on 2 one person sat out until 2 points were finished then the next person came in.  

Everyone understood the concept of keeping score, one bounce, and keeping the ball in play within the tennis court. It was really fun to observe how each student reacted after a point or shot. We even practiced our underhand serve for a bit and finished the afternoon off with a big 10 point game. Understanding the concept of rallying, scoring, and serving while incorporating the necessary 'tools' to become more efficient is the goal!

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Staff Introduction:
  Shinichi George Kidera  APF ACADEMIES COACH

Happy New 2015 Year! All the best to all! What are your goals for this new year. I'd like to run another full marathon again and get into gymnastics training. Of course, keep up with my tennis game. 

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