【ZERO1】ZERO1 Oita. Japan tour.

Hi, this is Tsukada. I am in Oita, Japan. Oita prefecture is famously known for great hot springs. There is no way I should not take advantage of that. Now, my skin is so fresh and smooth. It is our first time presenting Zero1 in Oita. It was great having the best coaches and players for two full days.

Organizing the informations before the presentation.

Great natural training gym.

This is the Zero1 give away towel.

So beautiful!

The yellow triangle. Very important key word during Zero1 camp.

Time for me to go into the hot springs.

Also famously known for fresh seafood.

Look at these steaks…I just want to keep looking at them.

Mr. Nakagawa who is in charge of the junior division. I would like to give Thank you to Mr. Nakagawa and all the other staffs for the great hospitality. Our first Zero1 2014 in Japan had a wonderful start because of all of you!!

Introducing our staffsDSC 7843a Kenichiro Tsukada APF ACADEMIES

"Actively working to make APF Academies a more International Academy!"

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