【ZERO1】Japan Tour! Location and Date information!

Hi it's Tsukada. I've been glued to the TV anticipating who will be the winner of this years French Open. Did you see the epic final last night? Nadal's ninth title is ridiculous! Starting from late July until late August approximately 1 month we will be hosting the ZERO1 tour. Here is the schedule and locations!

July 26th & 27th we will start off our tour in Kyushu, Oita prefecture. Every year from Oita many players come to join the allout. We look forward to reuniting with many familiar faces!

July 29th, 30th, 26th, 27th for a total of 4 days will be in Nagano prefecture surrounded by total nature. We will be training with much intensity!

If we talk about Nagano prefecture, its all about the apple. Do you feel apple!? (Japanese joke)

August 2nd & 3rd we will be in Chiba prefecture for 2 days. We look forward to reuniting with very enthusiastic coaches shown here next to Pro Soeda.

August 9th & 10th for 2 days will be in Osaka. Starting with Pro Fukuda and where emphasis on junior development all began; the company APF Group.

For 2 days on August 13th & 14th we will be in Nara prefecture. Pro Fukuda who had participated in the allout 2014 will also be joining!

August 16th & 17th for 2 days will be in Shizuoka prefecture. A feeling of being 'at home' type of club where we look forward to seeing everyones development. 

Starting from the 18th of August to the 24th, for four days the ZERO1 will held in Kyoto.  When living abroad and coming back to Japan, the Japanese culture is felt that much more intense. It's a dream.

One of the features of ZERO1 are the off court workshops through video presentation.

8/24 will be in Niigata Prefecture. The winters are very tough here, but there are many passionately HOT players and coaches.

8/30th & 8/31st will be in Tokyo for 2 days. Enrollment applications are available in Tokyo. Click on this Form to enroll. The allout ZERO1 held in 9 different cities throughout Japan's region. We look forward to meeting everyone and having a great time!

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