Junior Singles Tournament Complete. Next June (29th) Full.

It's a bird!?
It's a plane!?
Your right! It's me Matsushita!
Our regularly scheduled APF Junior Tournament. Today's tournament level was JA class and above.

Everyone was focused and had fun playing their matches.
But, just hitting the ball will not lead to a tournament victory.
How to spend time off court and analysis of completed matches are a few practices taught during this junior tournament.

The runner-up is Kanata. A narrow defeat.
But, his speech after the match was very positive. Next time, we will definitely be seeming a higher performance from him.

And the winner is Hibiki. Congratulations!
He displayed another level of focus which we have not seen in practice. It's a good game face. To get to the next level it will be necessary to view Coach Sakai's blog Practice and Match play.

APF Tournaments accumulate ranking points.
Ranking can be viewed on the information board.

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Introducing our staffsDSC 7843a Yuichiro Matsushita APF ACADEMIES
Hi, waiting you coming APF.
Let's play tennis together!

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