Happy Father's Day!! You got Milk? We got Milk!!

Fathersday engHi, everyone! Happy Father's Day. I am a proud father of two girls now. Just our kids growing up happy and healthy, that will what any father want. This is Kaneko.



Well, so I said today is the father's day. I can not help it but feeling it is not as big event as a Mother's Day…

We must appreciate our women…I do agree. Our mothers, our wives…but APF do appreciate you all fathers too!!! So we are having a father's day event today…Guess what, we are giving out "Milk" to every junior players…Why Milk?? It's because in Japanese…Father is CHI CHI, and so is Milk.

So drink Chi Chi, for Chi Chi (Drink Milk for your father…) to help you grow healthy and strong!! Remember…Milk does body good!! (Please let us know if you are lactose intolerant)


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DSC 7843a Hideki Kaneko Academies Director
Hello world! I was a professional tennis player. my daughter's name is Hao. I got from chinese word & chinese characters 你好! (Nǐ hǎo)

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