The 'Lychee' in season now!

Hello everyone! I just had to blog about this awesome fruit not originally from Thailand, but well grown especially in this season. You begin to see the really large size lychee fruits sold in the grocery stores, street markets, and even local farmers who drive in with the huge bundle in the trunk. 

Historical facts: 

  • The first lychee fruit came from Chinese traders during the Ratanakosin Era (1782) 
  • Some lychee trees are over 100 years old still exist in the Samut Songkhram province which bear little fruit. 

 Additional facts about which areas in Thailand the lychee is harvested:

  • Chanthaburi (March)
  • Samut Songkhram (late March to early April) 
  • Kanchanaburi (early April to late April) 
  • Nakhon Ratchasima (mid Aril to late) 
  • Phayao (late April to mid May) 
  • Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai (early May to early June) 

I love lychee so much I just want to scarf them down right now! They have a very short shelf-life so have to eat them fast. 

This is how I peel a lychee by hand. 

Many people also use this fruit carving knife to take out the inner seed. You can find the knife inside Big C for 55B. 

"Lets all get our lychee groove on!" 

Staff Introduction:
  Shinichi George Kidera  APF ACADEMIES COACH

"Apart from my love for avocado, lychees are so so my favourite. You can find the really big ones which the local Thai people call 'jackapot' (sorry, not sure about the spelling) very watery and very juicy!"

"Back into the swing of things in 2014! My goal is to definitely learn more Thai this year, play more tennis, get into great shape, and as always inspire those who want to become better tennis players. Have a great start everyone to your new year and keep your goals alive and in-line."


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