Another proud alumni!

 Hi, this is Sakai.
 I just received a wonderful news from one of our alumni in Japan.
  Shuto Kaji has been a member of our Performance Group since sixth to ninth grade while his father was stationed here in Bangkok. Since then, he went back and entered one of a very prestigious high school (both tennis and Academic) and still kept securing a position on their team. Now, he just has won the Kanto Prefecture Inter College Men's Doubles. (Next is the National)

TENNIS DAILY NEWS:Inter-College Spring tournament 2014

Shuto was a member of the Performance Group from the beginning.
We are cheering for Shuto to do the best in the National. (Yes, Shuto you can be #1 in All national Inter College!! Make us proud!!)

Do you remember our other good news in the past?? Tasuku Machida also from the Performance Group??Now, from Shuto..We are thrilled!!
Tasuku Machida, a graduate from our Performance Group has done it!!

So proud that everyone has been doing well!!!

Introducing our staffsDSC 7843a Ryota Sakai  APF ACADEMIES
Currently developing the Thai No.#1 boys 12 & Under. Experienced travelling coach for ATF, ITF Junior, and Orange Bowl. Aiming to develop juniors who can compete around the world. My motto is,"To give my best" in every class and lesson.

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