Peek: Portable eye care examiner on mobile device

One of my favourite channels to view on youtube are the TED:TALKS.  Just the abundance of interesting information and knowledge one can gain is amazing!  I recently came across a presentation which introduced a smartphone device that works as a high-tech portable eye examiner. 

The application is called Peek. Peek is a application which can be installed on a mobile device which works just as efficiently as a high tech, and bulky eye examining device.  The gentlemen on the field utilising this technology is Dr. Andrew Bastawrous and his team of 15 experts.  Their team focus in Kenya.

In the world there are roughly 285 million people who have trouble with eyesight.
39 million of these people are blind. 
80% of blindness can be avoided if the right resources were available more efficiently. 

Originally the team carried around $150,000 worth of equipment 

Introduction of Peek Mobile application the team requires one person,bicycle, and mobile device. 

Now the total cost is..

Solar power mobile chargers
Each individual field expert carries a solar powered mobile charging device on their backpacks so they never have to worry about the batter running out! 

Watch the youtube video for more information: 

For more information on Peek Vision click the image.

**Any and all information is solely for sharing purposes. All information has bee taken directly or indirectly from Peekvision.org.** 

Staff Introduction:
  Shinichi George Kidera  APF ACADEMIES COACH

"There is a lot of debate on how technology has made everything better or for worse. In this case, I see technology in use at its best! Help make the world a better place!"

Back into the swing of things in 2014! My goal is to definitely learn more Thai this year, play more tennis, get into great shape, and as always inspire those who want to become better tennis players. Have a great start everyone to your new year and keep your goals alive and in-line.

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