Thai's famous Poo Phad Pong Ka Hri

Hello, everyone, this is Tsukada. It is getting really hot right now, how are you handling this heat? Please do not forget to hydrate yourself.

Today I am going to introduce "Poo Phad Pong Ka Hri". I had some for dinner other night and thought to myself…Yes, no wonder this dish is one of the most popular dish that represent Thailand.
So what is "Poo Phad Pong Ka Hri? It's a stir fried Shell Crab and eggs with curry powder.
"Poo" = Crabs, "Phad"=Stir Fry, "Pong"=Powder (spices)、"Ka Hri"= Yes, Curry. Just like that.
Originally, it was just stir fried crabs seasons with curry powder but later on, the eggs were added and that brought very rich flavor and made taste so much better. The idea of Poo Phad Pong Ka Hri came from A wife of the famous Sea Food restaurant owner.

I enjoyed my Poo Phad Pong Ka Hri with a very good Japanese Sake at home. You must try this dish while you are in Thailand.

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