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Hi, everyone how did you enjoy your Songkran Holiday? I went to the beach and I am a red lobster right now. I would like to share some gadget that helped me a great deal thru my vacation on the beach. Really this made my life so much easier. This is Kaneko.

I would like to introduce my new friend, it went every where with me. (Various Islands and the pool.) That is a 【 nüüd 】from Lifeproof. It is a water proof phone cover for iPhone 5s



It has four functions: Water and snow proof, anti shock and dust/sands proof

LIFEPROOF makes this wonderful cases not only for iPhone, for other smartphones too, even for the tablets. You can take your phone or tablets to unthinkable places feeling safe.

When you see a waterproof case/bag you see more of a little fancy ziplock bag. It is hard to scroll the screen and not be able to read your fingerprint. Seems like Waterproof your phone=stick to basics. We must trade in convenience for protection.

First, it's unbelievable but nüüd does not cover the screen.スクリーンショット 2014 04 16 16 39 57

Therefore, you can scroll no problem and you can use fingerprint feature to lock/unlock. (But not with a wet finger)

I was very hesitant at first, but I gave it try…wow it is so convenient.(I do recommend to test run and register product before hand)

Because it's waterproof, I do not have to give up the best feature of the smartphone.




Are smartphone man's friend??

These days, you might step out without your keys or cash, but you will never step out without your smartphone. So it does not matter where you are going (city or beach) you want to take it with you and use it the way you are usually using.

Do not wanna worry about wetting the phone. You do want to protect your phone from water if you are at the beach or pool, from the rain when you go running, and spilled alcohol when you go out with drunk friends.

The best thing about having this water proof cover, I can take it everywhere with me. Before, I had to leave it on the table when we were at the beach or pool. How can you watch your active small children when you have to watch your valuables also? Be able to carry it with me avoids choosing between my phone or child. And avoids chance to get stolen. There are a lot of crooks looking for that chance.

So having this wonderful waterproof case let you enjoy your vacation with your family without worrying about losing your phone or getting stolen from protecting it from water. I do recommend a bathing suits with zipper on the pocket. (Yes, the case will protect your phone from water but you must protect the phone if it does not know how to swim back by itself…)




Still worried?

check this site「LIFEPROOF CARE」


iPhone/iPadの防水ケース | LifeProof Japan | LifeProof frē iPhone 5マニュアルページ
LifeProof®のケースで、あなたのiPhoneはさらに手放せないアイテムになります。 次の手順をしっかり守って、さあ、出かけよう。 はじめて使うとき 次のステップに沿って、LifeProof® ...




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