Baby Before the French

Hello everyone, hope your Songkran Holiday was eventful. I myself stayed home most of the time caring for our young new born daughter Rei. She is just 27 days old. As a new father, I recently came across this article about Roger Federer and his expected 3rd child.

According to the CNN article, Federer played in a record 57 straight grand slam tournaments. The last major he missed was the U.S. Open in 1999. Federer had stated that it will be a priority to be by his wife Mirka at the time of birth and that he has stated he's played enough matches that missing a match or tournament wouldn't change anything.

Geez..it is an amazing career accomplishment for Federer to state such comments. Myself being the same age as Roger I humbly respect and admire all his achievements and what he has done for the sport of Tennis.

Hands down Roger Federer, "You are the man!"

You can catch the entire article by clicking here.

My daughter Rei. Born March 20th, 2014. We gave her the name in reference to spring. Today is her 27th day with us. A true light and joy to have in my life. We are so lucky and blessed! Thank you for the much love and wonderful gifts from all. We hope to bring her out very soon!

Staff Introduction:
  Shinichi George Kidera  APF ACADEMIES COACH

"Can't wait to take my daughter out perhaps on the tennis court one day"

Back into the swing of things in 2014! My goal is to definitely learn more Thai this year, play more tennis, get into great shape, and as always inspire those who want to become better tennis players. Have a great start everyone to your new year and keep your goals alive and in-line.

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