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Hello, everyone! This is Tsukada. Today, I would like to show you very quick improvement on our new members who have just joined us in February. Remind you, they are beginners.




The lady on the right is hitting her forehand. What a beautiful swing!! She uses her left hand to balance herself so she can hit at the most comfortable place and timing. It will be perfect if she gets to finish her swing by going around her hip.

The lady on the left is hitting her back hand. Normally, the back hand is the harder shot to make. She is using the face up method from the beginning and doing very well. Letting your body remember the right natural swing from the beginning makes it easier to let you keep the beautiful swing and of course to make beautiful shots.

We have experienced staffs to help you no matter if you are a beginner or experienced player.
Why don't you come and try our fun classes while we are offering a great promotion!! You will be amazed how beautiful you look when you playing tennis!!


Introducing our staffs
DSC 7843a Kenichiro Tsukada APF ACADEMIES
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