Age ain't nothing but number


Hello, everyone! It's me Kaneko and I just had my 40th birthday. Sadly, I feel no different than When I was 20yrs old. If someone tells me he or she is 40yrs old. I would have thought "Well, that is old…" or seems so far away…When I am actually hitting the people so called "Over the hill", I feel I am still climbing up the hill not going down. Talking about double standards..Really.

Age ain't nothing but number.

I used to hear "Don't let age define you. You define yourself by your spirits." when I was a player. So here I go again today..to test my spirits



IMG 0050

Never ever lose at paper, rock and scissors. Intimidate the opponent any way possible. Over reaction does really work and I get lucky win because tend to see what my opponent come up with and change it at last min. Doing that so naturally is the key. My samurai spirit number one. (Just like hitting a drop shot when it is last expected.)




IMG 0042

Hey, you! Oops, my samurai spirit number two. (You just can not trust any one these days..)




IMG 0043

Sneaking up behind and let you feel the air when you fall. Also know as Air K (for Kaneko of course..samurai spirit number three)




IMG 0045

The Knee pop. This required highly skill and determination. Samurai spirit number four.




IMG 0048

Only I have learned from my young samurais. The new skill so called "Pinch the nipples" You only have one chance to locate the area and pinch it good. That is just like making a winner shot when it is absolutely needed. It is a big gamble, need to know when and where to use it. Samurai spirit number five. (Where do they learn all these??)




IMG 0044

And at last but not least..The most popular or disliked the KANCHO game. (First was done by adult comedian on T.V. show..every kid in every era had done it or be done it by someone even we were told not to by every normal(!?) adults.)


Well, I have done these very crazy-kiddo but fun things in the past.


The massage is...

Life is short, work hard and play harder. Have more fun. Communicate, Laugh a lot, don't let aging take that away from you.

Thank you so much for your very kind and lovely birthday wishes. That meant so much to me.


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