Holiday Junior Challenge @ Kiarti Thanee Country Club

December 10th marked Thailand's annual Constitution Day. The Japanese school kids were off along with Thai students thus 12 high powered junior tennis players joined in on the all day Holiday Junior Challenge. It was awesome to use the newly re-surfaced tennis courts at the Kiarti Thanee Country club. The weather was perfect.

absolutely beautiful courts and beautiful weather. Almost clear blue sky to match the cleanliness of the re-surfaced and painted courts. The juniors were amazed at the courts.

Great rivalry along with respect for each other. Love the handshake between Kla (THA) and Oliver (GBR). Today everyone had the opportunity to really spread their wings and use the courts spaciously.

Lunch was fabulous and something like this! All the kids were so hungry 30 min. before having lunch. "Coach when is lunch is it time yet." Well, they got their nutritional fix thanks to Nippon-tei. They did a fantastic bento box!

Staff Introduction:
  Shinichi George Kidera  APF ACADEMIES COACH

Happy Constitution Day in Thailand. Along with the 7 day celebration of the King Rama IX birthday. So many people are wearing yellow everywhere I go. Thank you for the great turn out! 

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