PTT Junior Masters Cup 2014

At the age of 13 our player class student Pawin Jirapoomdaje aka Palm is competing this year in the PTT Junior Master U14 at the Rama Garden Hotel. Last year Palm finished champion in U12. This year he is the first seed for the round robin matches. The photo is a background for everyone to take. Last year Palm finished champion in U12. 

At the opening ceremony Palm, 2nd on right sits with his fellow U14 comrades. Looks like they await the opening ceremony address followed by a nice meal. They look a bit nervous in the photo except Palm with a smile. 

The PTT organisers were kind enough to include Palm's picture 3rd from the right in the banner. Thats pretty cool! The masters cup will feat various age groups from 12,14,16, and 18s. 

'All the best Palm and to all participating players!!'

Staff Introduction:
  Shinichi George Kidera  APF ACADEMIES COACH

Back into the swing of things in 2014! My goal is to definitely learn more Thai this year, play more tennis, get into great shape, and as always inspire those who want to become better tennis players. Have a great start everyone to your new year and keep your goals alive and in-line.

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