Congratulations Uno!! (PP class) First tournament victory!!

Hello its Sakai.
Really great news! One of our hard working thai students from the PP class Uno just won his first thai local tournament U10 at the Bangkok University Junior Championship.  

Uno had previsouly practiced at the courts next to APF, but watching our players class practice he had made the switch. We are happy with Uno's addition to our program. 

His first photo looked a bit grim so here's the second shot.
What a great smile!!
His first ever tournament victory! Uno's heart must be pounding with joy.
Uno and Uno's coach, coach Matsushita congratulations to the both of you!!

Likewise a bit late in notice, but November 2nd was the BISAC U13 tournament for the international schools where our PP class Kanata Doi along with brothers Brian and Shawn whom all placed 3rd. Congratulations to all three!!

We always support and cheer on our juniors performance!!

Introducing our staffsRyota Sakai  APF ACADEMIES
Currently developing the Thai No.#1 boys 12 & Under. Experienced travelling coach for ATF, ITF Junior, and Orange Bowl. Aiming to develop juniors who can compete around the world. My motto is,"To give my best" in every class and lesson.

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