Junior Tournament APF 500 Series. The Technical level has gone up!

Hi everyone its Yuichiro. Last week I took a short holiday travelling around different coffee shops.I probably went to about 2 to 3 coffees shops per day so in all visited maybe about 10? I'll blog about these another time. 
Today we'd like to report on our Junior Singles Tournament [APF Masters Series 500]

What is Masters Series 500?

The Tournament represented JA & PP class (intermediate to advance intermediate) 
By gaining match play experience you begin to understand:
・What are your strengths
・What are your weakness
・What you want to do
・What you can not do
being able to see these aspects allows players to think differently during regular practices. Simple put, have more purpose! 

Trophy ceremony

Runner up was Kota.
He played boldy with his dynamic play style.
Next time aim for the W! 
His next speech will be with more confidence!

The winner Kanata (Luke).
A few days ago we placed 3rd at the BISAC games. He's on a role. 
Congratulations! Lets not be satisfied here.  Keep aiming higher with greater effort.
Aim also to obtain the no.# 1 year end ranking.

The trophy presenters were Mami, Kosei, Mashu.
They are the future stars in the players class. They helped make the tournament run more smoothly.
Not just the simple stuff, but to help explain the rules and referee the games were their duties.The tournament was a good experience for them to understanding the rules  actual situation. 

 We were also to observe many APF style of play

【Crazy steps】step in
【Crazy steps】 123
backhand face-up
Selecting the proper tools appropriate for the given situation allows developing juniors to also play matches tactically.

Combined also for your viewing pleasure.

Introducing our staffsDSC 7843a Yuichiro Matsushita APF ACADEMIES
Hi, waiting you coming APF.
Let's play tennis together!

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