【Beginners】Enjoy the Bangkok lifestyle. Enjoy Life! Tennis at APF!

The air is dryer. "Finally the dry season is here." So we thought until the unexpected rain fell once again. Its Matsushita. 
Not just tennis, we'd like to support your Bangkok lifestyle with new information. 

Sweets: round 1 

Coach Sakai has a sweet-tooth and has planned an dessert eating event. 
For more details on sweets click here

Sweets are good, but tennis too♡

・Never played tennis but want to start
・Diet or wanting a new hobby that is physically active
・Make friends and create a cozy Bangkok lifestyle
・Relieve the stresses of work and get a good sweat 

Whether one of the above mentioned is spot on or for other various reasons give it a try.

Your world becomes bigger

When you start something new you become aware of new things.
For me on my holidays I go out to coffee shops where I've never been before and ponder about new thoughts.
By doing so new ideas present themselves. 
I say, "Just Try It!"
My common saying I use often. 

Introducing our staffsDSC 7843a Yuichiro Matsushita APF ACADEMIES
Hi, waiting you coming APF.
Let's play tennis together!

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