So what are all these lines for? Not familiar with the tennis court? Well then..

The lines confuse me. That's what I was told the other day. That reminded me of my gym back in Japan. The gym floor had so many lines for all the sports (Volleyball, Basketball, Dodge ball who knows what else.) Yes, nicely they were all in different colors but does not matter still very confusing.
So if you are still confused about the lines on the tennis court…not to worry so much, at least they are all for tennis, just tennis…This is Matsushita.

The arrow is a guide line for a serve

You must serve in the small square by the net.(Cross court)
The service line only matters while the one is serving.
Use bigger box during the rally.

Let's check in the action.

It is IN as long as it's touching the lines.
Whoever wins a set score first, wins. (It could be set to win One set (6 games) or Three sets (6 games x3 ))

From how to hold a racket to finishing your swings

We focus on how to hold a racket properly and how to finish your swing without putting any extra pressure on your body especially in the Beginners class.

The beginning is very important.

APF academies offer various classes for various different levels of players.

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Introducing /strong>a04130720 Yuichiro Matsushita APF academies coach
 Love to Cafe hoop these days…

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