Have you tried WK Hawaii yet?

I am a sweets junkie!! If you didn't already know.
 APF ACADEMIES has so many sweets lovers but my love for the sweets can not be beat by too many people. This is Sakai. (I can eat the full course meal and still enjoy various desserts no problem.)
The Pancakes are getting really popular here in Bangkok too. I started to see many places specialize in Pancakes.
I just visited "WK Hawaii cafe in Bangkok" on Sukhumvit soi 39.

I am pretty sure many of you have already tried this place.

 I chose the Chocolate Banana Pancake.

Wasn't that delicious!! The pancakes were of course good but the whip cream impressed me a lot!!

 They have so many different kind of pancakes. I can not wait to try the others.

How awesome is it if we all can join together!? APF academies daily SUGAR challenge? Or should I call Sweets after sweat? Tennis Cafe in Cafe?

WK hawaii is from Honolulu and also has a few in Japan and Shanghai. How lucky there is one here in Bangkok too!!

 URL: http://www.wkhawaii.com
 FB: https://www.facebook.com/wkhawaii

Please let me know your favorite dessert place!! 
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